Navigating physical environments is an integral part of everyday life. Where are you? Where are you heading to?

I design visual information which orients people and helps guide them to their destination. This visual information can come in the form of a sign system, a map or an environmental brand expression which creates a memorable visitor experience

Research & Analysis –

Understanding Your Space

Design is the combination of art and science—intuition, pattern observation and behavioural research. This insight aims to ensure we have an accurate understanding of visitor needs and an awareness of the unique site context

︎︎︎ Site assessment
︎︎︎ Visitor journey analysis
︎︎︎ Signage audit

Strategy –

Problem Solving

With your goals identified, we can define an evidence based strategy and begin to choreograph the visual clues that influence movement and journey decisions

︎︎︎ Wayfinding master planning
︎︎︎ Wayfinding strategy
︎︎︎ Nomenclature strategy

Design –

Create Enriching Experiences

Communicate your unique brand voice using colour, form and material. My philosophy is to collaborate, test, prototype and tweak designs to create seamless visitor experiences

︎︎︎ Communication design
︎︎︎ Information design
︎︎︎ Environmental design
︎︎︎ Site branding
︎︎︎ Placemaking
︎︎︎ Mapping design
︎︎︎ Exhibition design
︎︎︎ Accessible design
︎︎︎ Signage standards
︎︎︎ Technical specifications

Implementation –

Bring Your Vision to Life

Collaborating with the right vendors is key to delivering the design intent in your space. With years of project management experience I can respond to all aspects of the implementation phase from fabrication to installation and final quality checks

︎︎︎ Construction documents
︎︎︎ Bidding & tender support
︎︎︎ Vendor management
︎︎︎ Prototyping & shop drawing review
︎︎︎ Installation quality checks

Ongoing –

Maintaining Your System

The end is only the beginning for a wayfinding system. As your space evolves over time a successful signage program adapts rather than degrades and becomes outdated